Lexical Studies of Medieval Texts

     The Lexical Studies of Medieval Spanish Texts (LSMST) and the Lexical Studies of Medieval Galician and Portuguese Texts (LSMGPT) are two online bibliographies listing concordances, glossaries, vocabularies and selected word studies for Spanish and Galician-Portuguese texts written from the 11th until the 15th century.

     Users may conduct searches for materials by keyword, or they may browse within particular texts or particular centuries. Within each section the order is alphabetical by editor or compiler; each entry is accompanied by a brief summary of the resource's contents and focus.

     The editorial decision to move the Lexical Studies bibliographies to an on-line platform was reached after careful consideration of the enormous difficulties associated with the regular updating of a printed bibliography. In a printed platform, updates can be made only when there is a sufficiently large number of new entries that can justify either a new edition in book form or a supplement printed in a journal. Cross-referencing and indexing a new supplement with previous editions becomes an almost impossible task, and the regular publication of supplements makes the search for information a more complicated process, as the scholar needs to have access to all previously published material. An on-line platform, on the other hand, provides the solution to most of these problems as it allows the editors to regularly update the contents, even if there is only one new entry, and to cross-reference different entries and reorganize the structure of the database in a short time. The linguist, editor or literary critic also benefits from the on-line format, as he or she only needs to consult one source of information, with the added possibility of having a search engine to look up the data.


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